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  • We provide development design services and work effectively with your team
  • Develop new databases, and add features to existing databases
  • Maintenance / Troubleshooting
  • Allow Access to work in conjunction w/ Excel, Outlook, and Word
  • Upsize strained databases to SQL Server
  • And much more

Affordable Automation is wonderful to work with - always available! - Ruth, Christian Blue Pages
Possesses an extensive understanding of computer software. - Paul, Accounting Manager for a large corporation

Who We Are:

Affordable Automation is a software development company with a focus on streamlining and automating business processes. Coupled with an extensive business background, our range of MS Access expertise includes Microsoft Access, Excel, ASP.NET, and Sql Server platforms. We are professional MS Access developers that work to learn your business needs and develop a successful solution.

Custom Software =

You may be asking yourself: why custom software?

To start, custom software (like an Access Database) is the alternate route from "off-the-shelf" or "pre-packaged" software. Pre-packaged software in many situations can meet your needs, but many times it will not.

Below is a list of why we choose to develop in custom software:

  1. Pre-packaged software will force businesses to change the way they do business to accommodate the software.  With custom software, you maintain control of how your business is run.
  2. You develop real relationships with us as we come to understand your business. Our goal is to be a trusted resource that is on your team but not on your payroll.
  3. Pre-packaged software can charge for additional licenses for each new user. With Custom Software, there are no licensing fees.
  4. Pre-packaged software commonly charges annual maintenance fees, up to 20% of the original application cost. Custom software has no required maintenance.
  5. Custom software is enhance-able while prepackaged software is not. If you realized you need some additional functionality down the road, your existing custom software can be enhanced.
  6. Microsoft Access and SQL Server have free versions that can most likely do the job. We support these free versions, called Microsoft Access Runtime and SQL Server Express.

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Our Story:

During the recession of 2008, owner Gary Slaughterbeck quit his corporate job with a dream of founding his own business. Taking 23 years of experience in accounting and developer roles, his understanding of well-structured solutions inspired him to start his own business, and focus on automating businesses processes. He quickly founded Affordable Automation later that year and the company began to take off.

Fast-forward 14 years, and Affordable Automation has since grown into a family business, as all three of his sons have worked in or currently work in the business. He loves working with his sons and enjoys the journey of running his own business.