Get Microsoft Access For Free!

      Some people have trouble grasping why to choose Microsoft Access. It is so expensive to purchase whether paying monthly through Office 365 or purchasing outright. While this was true in the past, it is no longer relevant today. Access Runtime is a new product by Microsoft, allowing companies to install Access on any machine for free. So if you have 20 users that need to use Access on 20 computers, the cost would be zero!

Once an Access database is developed, users can run Access Runtime and use the full database without losing any functionality. The only draw-back of runtime is that it cannot be used to develop databases. However, the end users do not actually need to develop, they just need to use the functionality built by the developer.

Also, Runtime will prevent users from making unauthorized changes to the database. All design-related interfaces are inaccessible, making is more secure as users can only access items they need to use.

When we develop databases for our clients, you will not need to purchase Access for any users. Simply download the Runtime from Microsoft for free on as many machines as you need.