We can Upsize Your Strained Database from Access to SQL Server:

MS Access is an essential tool that allows for highly customizable database applications, giving power to the creator even if they have limited development experience. Unfortunately, issues begin to creep in as the application becomes more complex, tables become populated with loads of data, and the number of users grow well beyond the developer's original intensions.

Symptoms can include problematic multi-user connections, database corruption, data loss, and a sluggish application. As the development of the database continues to progress, what can be done if important features like data security need to be implemented as well, but are simply impractical through Access alone?

Issues like the ones listed above can be solved through an integration with SQL Server's free Express version. Once Access becomes paired with a SQL Server backend, these issues have the potential to completely disappear. The transition also gives you peace of mind, as SQL Server's scalability paves the way for use long into the future.

Our team has the experience needed to analyze your current system and determine the best path to upsize your database. Key benefits include:

  1. Maintenance & Reliability. The instability of Access on its own can wreak havoc on companies due to file corruption, coupled with the pains of backing up Access DBs. Fortunately, the way SQL Server connects with users reduces the possibility of file corruption. Also, backups will no longer be hindered by that one employee who forgets to log out of the system.
  2. Multi-User Connections. SQL Server does not share the huge performance problems that can arise from Access only multi-user connections. If this has been an issue in your database, get ready to unleash the power of your full workforce.
  3. Scalability. SQL Server Express holds 5 times the amount data that an Access database can hold. Also, SQL only sends the records that a user needs, while Access must send entire tables of data, which can be a source of slow-performance.
  4. Security. Access security is limited, going only as far as Windows permissions. With SQL, have a peace of mind, as it is much more robust and customizable. As an added bonus, users will no longer be able to directly copy/access the entire database.